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NDT Business Diagnostic and Valuation


In business you need to keep asking the big questions; Are you satisfied about your organization performance? What is needed to enhance the performance? Can We be better? What is needed to grow and flourish?

All the answers and more for the above questions can be founded when you get the proper diagnose from your Business Doctor; ‘EDAMA’

EDAMA implemented a consulting project named Business Diagnostic and Valuation , for NDT which is a Telecommunication Engineering company with was stablished before 18 years. The contract lasted a period of (3) Months, from 2nd of July,2020, till the 2nd of September ,2020, and was managed and delivered by Eng. Hani Al Abdallat as a Senior Management Consultant.

The project consisted of multiple phases, in which EDAMA implemented and accomplished the following activities:

  • Apply Performance Inspection through managers interviews, observation, and desk review.
  • Analyzing for the external business environment (PESTEL, Porter& Joint Flexibility Test) and provided the trends, success factors, opportunities and threats.
  • Diagnosing the Competition Anti-Bodies using industry matrix, and positioning maps and recommending moves and market positioning to support the competitive advantage.
  • Diagnosing the Medical History, to identify main features of the organization culture.
  • Conducting Health-Check for the all the business functions and specifying the Business Bone Densitometry Scale.
  • Applying Business Blood Test for the financial performance through the last five years books, and inspecting the expenses, and cost allocations and provide recommendation
  • Applying Operations Fat Test using lean management practices, identifying the waste sources, and providing recommendations to decrease the cost of operations.
  • Diagnosing the projects & services records, to orient the management decisions and trade-offs toward effectiveness.
  • Valuating the business and Prepare an Investor Pitching Business Plan.

At the end of the project the client expresses our high satisfaction for the quality of deliverables, depth of analysis and recommendations, and the professional attitude and commitment.

In this project EDAMA as a Management and Business Consultant have proven their capacity and capability to diagnose and assess business performance, and provide the recommendations and plans needed to enhance financial and non-financial performance