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Get a professional consulting service to diagnose your “As Is” situation. Agree on “To Be” situation, and develop a treatment plan and recommendations.

Strategy Consulting

Where is your business heading? How to deal with competition?
Strategic planning is needed to specify the roadmap toward achieving your vision.
In addition it create the alignment needed to assure that the BOD, the Executive management, and the team efforts are harmonized using our special Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach.

Do you have an attractive business idea? Are you searching for investors to support your start-up business?
Business plan is a comprehensive integrated plan that address all the actions needed to launch your business, including strategy, marketing, sales, resources, and finance.
The plan ended up with an investor pitching document that helps you to attract investors or financing agencies.

If you need a holistic revamping for your business to prepare for a better performance, that lead to higher business maturity this is all what you need.
We start with a business diagnostic to specify the development needs for all departments, then agree with the management on the future needed state, before moving to prepare the action plan needed to bridge the performance gaps.

Are you managing your projects according to the international standards ? The PMO office will unify your project management approach across all stages, to assure an institional sustainable approach that doesn’t depend on specific person. The prpject ended up with a PMO manual that combine policies and procedires for a 15 area of project management

What is your busines current health situation? How to enhance its fitness ? This service include diagnosing all your company functions, by having X-Ray, Blood test, and Joint flexibility test, beofre writing the needed business treatmen prescriotion

Proof your consistency, and show readiness for international and local requirements that also increase your customer trust by preparing to get your ISO or GMP certificates.

Business Development

Planning for bigger market Share? Willing for more revenue? Our BD services are what you need to grow and expand.Check the detailed sub-service of this categry for more information

Increase the effectiveness of your sales team by establishing a customized sales strategy, that include customized sales process, sales performance indicators and reporting system, which followed by training and coaching, which will help your business to get more revenue, and a better market share

Don’t rush and go to social media agencies before having a clear direction, and a proper analysis for the market
The marketing strategy will help you to have a clear objective, and KPIs to measure your social media activities effectiveness, and will assure that you are understanding your segments, targeting them effectively, and position your product in the right way.

Are you ready to export? Are you interested to increase your revenue by developing new markets?
We are able to evaluate your readiness for exporting, specify which of your product to start with, and find the potential countries that have a demand. In addition, we can bridge the gap you have between your current state, and the selected exporting markets requirements.

Either if you are planning to establish a new business, or you willing to increase the breadth of your brands portfolio, we can find, contact, evaluate and select the best fit for you, and make sure to get you the best deal, and the most flexible contractual terms.

Financial Consulting

Thinking about a new investment ? Interetsed to evluate the net worth of your business? Our Financial consulting services are what you need to optimize your decions. Check the detailed sub-service of this categry for more information

What is the net worth of your business?
We can answer this question, that much needed when you are thinking to expand by attracting investors, or get fund.

Thinking about a new investment? Interested to expand your current business by investing a new capital?
Let us evaluate the economic potential of your new project, and provide you with recommendations to enhance the business model.

Does your cost affect your competitiveness? Do you feel that you profit margin is so thin?
We can review all of your business costs, and advice on the best practices to cut the cost without affecting the quality.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Tired from having many IT systems? Felt the need to integrate all your business functions for better communication and effecincy. We can support your digital transformation journey from A to Z. Check the detailed sub-service of this categry for more information

Are you dealing with many IT systems? Can you manage your business functions using one INTEGRATED system?
We provide you with an ERP solutions that fits your budget and business needs, including desktop-bases, or cloud-based systems.

Are you interested to cope with the new era trend of digital transformation?
We support your intentions by evaluating your needs, preparing your transformation strategy that fits your business and team.
In addition we level the ground by preparing the policies, procedures for all the business function to assure a smooth transformation, with less resistance.

Operations Management

Is it the time to enhance your processes effecincy? Our services can enhance your customer satisfaction, and decrease your costs. Who can ask for more?! Check the detailed sub-service of this categry for more information

Manufacturing companies from all industries can enhance their productivity, capacity, quality and decrease costs by killing the processes waste, and enhancing the production flow to be more competitive.

Who said Lean is limited to manufacturing only?!
Services companies from all industries can increase their customer satisfaction, and value proposition by modifying their business processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Your business practices must be aligned with the international environmental standards to be able to export to USA and Europe.
You will decrease your material water, energy costs, and decrease the CO2 footprint by applying RECP(Resources Efficiency and Circular Production) international standards


Get an evidence-based recommendations that resulted from a scientific research approach to have a better undertsanding for your eco-system. The more you understand your enviroment, the better you can catch the opprotunities and avoid the threats .Check the detailed sub-service of this categry for more information

For either NGOs, and For-Profit organizations who are willing to answer critical questions that will influence future decisions, using a scientific-based approach , and utilizing a mix of primary and secondary data collection tools.
For non-profit organization the research helps in identifying social needs, project effectiveness, and get lessons learned.
For companies, we can identify market trends, consumer behavior, competition landscape, in addition to supply /demand and market size.

Interested to understand a sector? Need more information to be able to grasp the dynamics of any market?
Value chain analysis illustrates the value-creation components , the challenges, and opportunities a cross the chain.
The analysis is followed with recommendations on how to overcome the bottlenecks, and how to establish linkages between the main key players.

Did your last project achieved its goals? Was it efficient ? What we need to change for future projects for a better performance?
MEAL is about Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning at Midterm and/or Post-project.
This research assess the effectiveness, efficiency and relevancy of the project, and provide recommendations for improvements.