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EDAMA DTU Service Overview

• EDAMA DTU (Digital Transformation Unit) is uniquely designed for companies that want to develop their business to drive growth and profitability.
• EDAMA will support companies with Advance Cloud Business Solutions to help transform their business through comprehensive, affordable, cloud software solutions.
• EDAMA offers cost savings and better performance
• EDAMA promise to achieve agile business transformation
• EDAMA seeks to improve a company’s competitive advantage and value creation
As the first Dafater ERP cloud Partner in Jordan, Dafater implements the Middle east's number one cloud ERP solution. After 10 years of continuous growth and development, Dafater has chosen to partner with EDAMA to open doors to a Jordan market, allowing not only Saudi Arabia and Gulf markets, but Jordanian Companies to obtain cloud ERP solutions.

Partnership with EDAMA

EDAMA DTU helps SMEs successfully undertake the transformation journey from traditional to agile, EDAMA assess business operation, develop business internal system and sustain advanced solutions. Partnerships with us mean that you will gain suitable relationships interactive training and face-to-face coaching by industry solution experts.

Our Excellence Digital Transformation Journey

Our Value Proposition

Our ERP Advanced

Assess your needs and you will find our financial accounting solution appropriate for your business.

Manage the sales cycle from lead to delivery, and link receipt payments, customer infromation, and documents with bills.

Manage the purchase cycle from material requests to supplier account statements, and link payments, supplier information, and documents with invoices.

HR Module is fully compatible with Jordan Labor regulations. Full of features to handle all aspects of personnel management.

Project Management Module helps businesses track projects, tasks, and schedules. To allocate the number of tasks and hours of work on projects and link them to customers.

After service support to schedule maintenance, respond to customer complaints, and record customer visits.