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JOTC Strategy Planning Consulting & Training


The ability to align the organizations departments became harder when the organization structure is huge, with the existence of 13 different function with different background. In this case the need to build the strategy with the Board of Directors and Executive Management, then cascading it to all the business units is a challenging mission that requires mastering the art of the Strategy Balanced Scorecard.

This kind of strategy consulting includes shifting the minds of all the involved employees toward strategic thinking, by supporting the consulting service with strategy training and coaching to assure using same language and to confirm the strategy alignment by having a clear contribution for each business unit and employee to the strategic objectives.

EDAMA implemented a consulting project named “Strategy Planning Consulting & Training”, with JOTC the first independent open-access storage provider in Jordan offering world-class storage, handling, transportation, aviation fueling and bunkering services for local and regional clients in the petroleum industry. The contract lasted a period of (4) Months, from 6th of November, 2019, till the 1st of March ,2020, and was managed and delivered by Eng. Hani Al Abdallat as a Senior Management Consultant.

The project consisted of multiple phases, in which EDAMA implemented and accomplished the following activities:

  • Facilitating a Strategy Workshop for the BOD and the executive management to specify the strategic intent. (Visio, Mission, Core Values, Change Agenda and High-Level Goals)
  • Conducting an analysis for the external business environment (PESTEL, Porter& EFAS,) and provided the industry trends, success factors, trends opportunities and threats.
  • Conducting analysis for the internal business environment (Value Chain, VRIN, Financial Reports, Projects performance, Marketing and IFAS) and submitted an evaluation to the main strength and weaknesses with recommendations.
  •  Transferring knowledge through managers trainings (24 Employee) and one on one managers coaching (13 Employee)
  • Translating the Strategy using Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard, with KPIs, and target for each strategic objective.
  • Cascading the strategy to all department by preparing (13) business unit operational plan, which included departmental objectives, KPIs, initiatives, timeline, and budget.
  • Providing the top-management with a strategy implementation road map.
  • Facilitating a Strategy launching workshop for the BOD and the executive management.

As a result, JOTC B.O.D strategy became actionable, and the managers in all business units mastered the strategy planning skills, and were able to build on the strategy plan that they got to plan for the year after. What’s more, the strategic performance now is the core for the company’s employee’s evaluation, and all initiatives needed to bridge the KPIs target gap are on track.

In this project, EDAMA as a Strategy Consultant have proven their capacity and capability to build strategic plans using Balanced Scorecard, and provide customized recommendations to orient the management and team daily efforts toward achieving the required level of performance.