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CARE Market Research


The development projects need a compass to assure the effectiveness of the programs and projects spending, which requires a deep understanding for the sectors and market dynamics. The is also valid in the private sector where investors who are targeting new markets, or willing to develop new products need to be aware about their business eco-system, including market size, competition, main stakeholders, barriers, and optimization opportunities.

The comprehensive understanding for al the factors mentioned abobe and even more can’t be achieved without a professional , scientific-based Market/Value-Chain Research.

EDAMA implemented a consulting project titled; “Consultancy in Conducting Handicraft Value Chain Study” with CARE in Jordan under the umbrella of “Empowering Voices and Economic Participation of Refugee and Host Community Women in Jordan” project.

The contract with EDAMA lasted a period of (21) week, from 12th of July 2021, till the 2nd of December ,2021, and was managed and delivered by Eng. Hani Al Abdallat as a Senior Management Consultant. CARE in Jordan is appreciating their outstanding performance including quality of deliverables, professional attitude and commitment.

The project consisted of multiple consulting assignments, in which EDAMA implemented and accomplished the following activities:

  • Collecting primary data through interviews, focus groups, and observations from different types of respondents including (24) individuals and (11) organizations inside and outside Amman.
  • Collecting secondary data, and conducting a literature review for (83) report and article.
  • Utilizing qualitative and quantitative data analysis tools, to provide in-depth analysis, findings, and conclusions.
  • Preparing a Market Research that covered market characteristics, segmentation, eco-system, products, prices, legislations, customer landscape, competition, local and global sizing, driving forces, success factors, trends, and exporting plans.
  • Preparing a Value Chain Analysis Study that provided a comprehensive analysis about the stakeholders, components, challenges, and opportunities across all the stages of the VC, and highlighted the main bottlenecks.
  • Preparing a Value Chain Optimization Study that revealed the entrepreneurs needs for support, suggested potential partnerships and linkages, provided solution to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, and delivered a clear integration and synergy recommendations, beside crafting a marketing strategy.

 The project provided CARE with in-depth knowledge about the sector under examination, and the result went beyond the expectation by providing an actionable integration plans to optimize the sector, and specifying the main linkages and naming the key-stakeholders with their roles.

As a result, CARE International in Jordan recommended working with EDAMA, as they have proven their ability and capacity to conduct an  evidence-based research, with tailored recommendations that highly orient the strategic direction, and ongoing operations of INGOs.