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CARE Managing Business HBB 2


Supporting Micro, Small and Medium business (MSMEs), and Home-Based Businesses (HBBs) in specific is aligned with EDAMA’s mission toward supporting the national development, and it’s also aligned with EDAMA’s team special capabilities in business planning that include all what related to management consulting service , through a well designed programs that combines consulting, training, and coaching. 

EDAMA implemented a consulting project titled; “Managing Business During Crisis Online Training/ Financial Management, Marketing and Packaging” with CARE in Jordan under the umbrella of “A New Way for Syrian Refugees & Jordanians: Sustainable Solutions for Livelihood” project. The contract with EDAMA lasted a period of (11) week, from 11th of December, 2021, till the 24th of February ,2022.

EDAMA Team Included:

  • Eng.Ruba Al Qudah/ Project Manager and Marketing Consultant
  • Mr.Ahmad Abu Al Sondos / Financial Management Consultant
  • Eng.Sujud Al Balawneh / Packaging Consultant 

The project consisted of multiple consulting assignments, in which EDAMA implemented and accomplished the following activities:

  • Develop Training Materials for SMEs business development, marketing, finance, accounting, and packaging
  • Provide digital literacy and orientation for the participant on using email, and Zoom
  • Develop and conduct pre-Training and post-Training evaluation assessment
  • Conducting an interactive online training, for 309 participants, with a total of 480 training hours
  • Coach the SMEs to prepare finance resilience plans to respond to COVID-19
  • Coach the SMEs to prepare a Marketing Strategy, and Social Media action plans.
  • Prepare comprehensive attendance, demographic, and assessment reporting after each training
  • Submit a detailed final report

CARE in Jordan appreciated EDAMA outstanding performance including quality of deliverables, professional attitude and commitment. In addition all the MSMEs owners expressed a high satisfaction aboit the high positive impact of the projects on their ability to manage and sustain their business.

Accordingly, CARE International recommended working with EDAMA, as they have the capabilities to provide Micro, Small and Medium enterprises with consulting, training, and coaching services, that has a high positive impact on their business’s sustainability.