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Al Moka’ab Strategy


Success is not an arbitrary process, it requires having a clear vision, and a well-defined objectives, in parallel with proper understanding for the organization’s internal resources and capabilities and linking it with what is happening in the surrounding business environment

EDAMA implemented a consulting project to develop a Strategic Performance Management System (Business Strategy) for Al Moka’ab, which is a pioneering company working on the construction field, and specialized in luxurious residential building, and Green buildings technologies .  

The contract with EDAMA lasted a period of (12) Months, from 2nd of January 2020, till the 30th of December ,2020, and was managed and delivered by Eng. Hani Al Abdallat as a Senior Management Consultant.

The project consisted of multiple phases, in which EDAMA implemented and accomplished the following activities:

  • Facilitating a Strategy Workshop for the BOD and the executive management to specify the strategic intent. (Visio, Mission, Core Values, Change Agenda and High-Level Goals)
  • Conducting an analysis for the external business environment (PESTEL, Porter& EFAS,) and provided the industry trends, success factors, trends opportunities and threats.
  • Conducting analysis for the internal business environment (Value Chain , VRIN, Financial Reports, Projects performance, Marketing and IFAS) and submitted an evaluation to the main strength and weaknesses with recommendations.
  • Translating the Strategy using Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard, with KPIs, and target for each strategic objective.
  • Aligning the strategy with the company structure, shared-values, staff, leadership style, skills, and systems, and recommending the required improvements.  
  • Providing the top-management with a strategy implementation road map.
  • Monitoring and follow up to evaluate the implementation progress, and suggest improvements.

Al Moka’ab management now has a crystal-clear roadmap to reinforce their competitive advantage, and after a year of implementing the plan, they could achieve Year 1 strategic objectives.

EDAMA as a Strategy Consultant have proven their capacity and capability to build strategic plans , and provide customized recommendations to orient the management and team daily efforts toward achieving the required level of performance.